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Perhaps to spite us here in the U.S., McDonald's restaurants in the U.K. have been offering ...

Perhaps to spite us here in the U.S., McDonald's restaurants in the U.K. have been offering a "Great Tastes of the World" promotion where each week a different burger is available inspired by the cuisine of a specific country. The promotion runs for four weeks and the four countries represented are Spain, Australia, Mexico, and India.

For week 1 (which started last week), McDonald's offered the Spanish Grande with Chorizo. The burger features a paprika topped bun, beef patty, chorizo, roasted red and yellow peppers, cheddar cheese, Batavia lettuce and a bravas-style sauce.

Starting this week, the Australian BBQ Supreme arrives with a fairly typical sesame bun, beef patty, bacon, cheese, Batavia lettuce, onions, mayo, and a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. Not terribly exciting by U.S. standards.

In week 3, the Chili & Cheese Mexican makes it debut with a cheese and  paprika foccacia bun, beef patty, cheese, tomato, Batavia lettuce, sour cream, and a chili bean sauce.

Finally, in week 4, there will be the Chicken & Chutney Indian which features crispy chicken, shredded lettuce, onions, spiced onion chutney and a yogurt and mint mayo on a toasted bun.

McDonald's in Germany also have a similar promotion that loosely translates to "Far away tastes week."

Part one of the promotion offered three burgers representing a taste of Argentina, Thailand, and South Africa.

The Argentina Big Barbecue features a beef patty, a bun sprinkled with semolina flour, a smoky-spicy barbecue sauce, lettuce mix, tomato slices, peppers, and chili cheese slices.

The Thai Chicken offered a sesame bun with a fruity, sweet, and slightly spicy sauce, grilled red and yellow peppers, lettuce, and a crispy fried chicken breast filet.

For that South African flavor, there's the Big South Africa which comes with a beef patty, a soccer-ball-shaped bun, a spicy sauce, fried onions, lettuce mix, tomatoes, peppers, and spicy cheese. It was recently replaced by the Australian Surf & Turf.

The Australian Surf & Turf features a bun dusted with semolina flour, a beef patty, an herb lemon sauce, rucola, tomatoes, a shrimp-patty.


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