Jan 22, 2013

Around the World: Domino's France Bakes Goat Cheese with Honey Pizza

New at Domino's France is the limited-edition Sweet Chevre Pizza. "Chevre" being the French word for "goat cheese."

The pizza comes with a base of light creme fraiche and mozzarella, topped with goat cheese, smoked lardons, onions, and a hint of honey.

The price for a medium pizza is 6.99 Euros or about $9.32.

If you think goat cheese and honey make for a weird combination, it's actually a bit of a tradition in northern Europe to blend the tanginess of goat cheese with the floral sweetness of honey.

It's sound pretty good to me! U.S. chains really need to bring back international promotions to the folks back home... like an international month with a different country every week.


  1. that's really cool! tarte flambees from a chain!

  2. I've had a homemade pizza in France, very much like that. It was awesome. I really wish they made it here, but since they don't, I guess I'll have to learn how to bake one myself.


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