Jan 24, 2013

Review: Taco Bell - Spicy Cheesy Roll-Up

Taco Bell's Spicy Cheesy Roll-Up is part of their $1 Cravings Menu test. It is the same as the standard Cheesy Roll-Up, but with the addition of chipotle sauce for a bit of a kick. If you've never tried or seen one, it's a flour tortilla folded over melted cheese and chipotle sauce and then rolled up into a tube.

The Spicy Cheesy Roll-Up sells for $1 each.

If you like the Cheesy Roll-Up but always though it should be a little spicy, this is just the thing for you. The chipotle sauce adds a little bit of a tangy heat that never gets uncomfortable. It's just enough spicy to keep it interesting. That being said, I would rather go for the Spicy Chicken Mini-Quesadilla for the same dollar. Not because it has chicken, but because they grill/press it and I like that crispy sear over just a plain soft tortilla.

You can achieve the same effect as the Cheesy Roll-Up and it's spicy counterpart by sprinkling some shredded cheese (and some hot sauce if you're going for the spicy version) on a flour tortilla, folding it, and tossing it in the microwave.

Rolling the tortilla up does give you more cheesy flavor in each bite than a quesadilla, but I like the browning you (usually) find on a quesadilla. Plus, it takes me more effort to heat up the pan than to start the microwave. Therefore, the Spicy Cheesy Roll-Up isn't something I'd normally get.

It's not horrible, but the Cheesy Roll-Up spicy or otherwise is probably my least favorite thing on the Taco Bell menu.

Nutritional Info - Taco Bell's Spicy Cheesy Roll-Up
Calories - 220

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