Jan 10, 2013

Review: Taco Bell - Spicy Mini Quesadilla

Taco Bell's Spicy Mini Quesadilla is something they're currently trying out as part of their $1 Cravings value menu test.

It's made with a small flour tortilla (looks like the same they use for a Soft Taco), a shredded 3-cheese blend, chipotle sauce, and marinated white meat chicken. Like the rest of the $1 Cravings menu, it costs a buck.

Interestingly, a plain Mini Quesadilla made its appearance on the "Why Pay More" menu about two years ago. Back then it cost 89 cents and didn't come with chicken, so the new version represents a better value since you're basically paying 11 cents for chicken and sauce.

My quesadilla had a crispy thin crust where it contacted with the grill press. This is usually the case when you're actually eating one of Taco Bell's grilled items in-store. If you're taking it home, all bets are off, as what was once a nice crust can easily become soft on the way home.

The chicken coverage was just right; it didn't threaten to spill out of the quesadilla, but there was enough in every bite. The chicken was tender and flavorful.

What did threaten to occasionally spill out of the quesadilla was the chipotle sauce. It came in even amounts to the cheese which is a bit much. Don't plan on eating this one in the car. The sauce was tart, fairly spicy, and a little mayo-like. I like the sauce, but at times, it felt like I was eating sauce, chicken,and tortilla. For a quesadilla, there wasn't as much cheese.

Overall, the Spicy Mini Quesadilla is not a bad buy at all. It fits into the whole idea of having a craving and stopping by Taco Bell for a snack. I think chopped jalapenos might have made for a less saucy and more cheesy experience, but this version is easy for every Taco Bell location to make since it uses ingredients that are already on hand. It also means you can try one of these for yourself by custom ordering it at your local Taco Bell. It might cost you more than $1 though.

Nutritional info not available except for calories
Calories - 200

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