Jan 16, 2013

Around the World: Taco Bell offers Party Platter in Kuwait

While we get the Variety Pack Taco 12 Pack from Taco Bell for our football watching festivities, out in Kuwait, they get a full-on party platter dubbed "The Blue Meal."

It's named in support of the Kuwait national team as they compete in the 21st Gulf Cup soccer (i.e. the other football) tournament in Bahrain. The nickname for the team is "Al-Azraq" which translates to "The Blue"

It's quite the spread: a specially designed tray with 6 tacos of your choice, a Crunchwrap Supreme, crispy potatoes, tortilla chips with four corners filled with nacho cheese for dipping as well as as salsa and sour cream in the center, a large bottle of Pepsi, and a commemorative glass cup.

The Blue Meal is offered for 5 Kuwaiti Dinars (~$17.75 US).

Similar to Taco Bell's promotion during the World Series, Taco Bell Kuwait will give out free tacos if the Kuwaiti team wins the Gulf Cup.

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