Jan 26, 2013

News: Popchips - New Flavor by Katy Perry

As a Popchips investor/brand ambassador and famous singer, Katy Perry gets her own flavor of Popchips. No, it's not candy cane rainbows, it's new "Katy's Kettle Corn." The newest flavor in the Popchip line up features the sweet and salty flavor of popped kettle corn.

The flavor is the first sweet foray for the brand. To further enforce the Katy Perry connection, the bag features pink and purple and a stylized heart to dot the "i' in "popchips."

The new flavor debuts in Target stores and select retailers starting mid-February. It will also be available for sale online from the Popchips website where an order of twelve 3.5-ounce bags will cost $25.50.

Nutritional Info - Popchips Katy's Kettle Corn
Serving Size - 1 oz (28g / about 16 chips)
Calories - 130 (from Fat - 35)
Fat - 4g (Saturated Fat - 0g)
Sodium - 125mg
Carbs - 20g (Sugar - 3g)
Protein - 2g

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