Jan 18, 2013

Frozen Friday: California Pizza Kitchen - Crispy Thin Crust BBQ Chicken Pizza

California Pizza Kitchen's Crispy Thin Crust BBQ Chicken Pizza for One is a square crispy thin crust pizza topped with grilled white meat chicken, reduced fat mozzarella, smoked gouda, red onion, and cilantro with barbecue sauce.

Each pizza is 6-ounces and costs $3.99 at my local supermarket.

This comes with a crispy sleeve and microwave instructions, but I just cooked it over the stove on a pan. I find frozen pizza usually turns out better that way. You just have to be careful that it cooks through.

Just looking at the pizza, you'll notice that the coverage is pretty spotty with several areas of bare crust. I can understand the cheese layering being inconsistent, but the sauce?! Obviously, this lead to some bites being cheesy and barbecue-y and some not.

The crust itself is thin, crispy, and dry. It reminds me of an oversized cracker and is only marginally softer.

There wasn't very much chicken to go around, but what little there was tasty and surprisingly tender. It's very good chicken and top notch among the frozen stuff.

The cheese was flavorful and gooey where it was clumped up and melted. I didn't really notice the taste of cilantro where it was sprinkled on the cheese.

The barbecue sauce was of the sweeter variety and was used sparingly (too sparingly in some bites), but was decent.

Lastly, the onions provided a nice pop of flavor when I bit into them.

Overall, California Pizza Chicken's Crispy Thin Crust BBQ Chicken Pizza for One is decent. The ingredients were pretty high quality as far as frozen food goes and the requisite flavors were there, but the crust and inconsistent topping of the pizza were significant downsides.

Nutritional Info - California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust BBQ Chicken Pizza for One (170g)
Calories - 430 (from Fat - 140)
Fat - 15g (Saturated Fat - 7g)
Sodium - 790mg
Carbs - 50g (Sugar - 7g)
Protein - 23g

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