Jan 17, 2013

News: Chipotle Returns Super Bowl Offer

Chipotle returns their Super Bowl promotion (but they're not calling it that; more on that below) this year, where if you buy 6 or more burritos on Super Bowl Sunday and you can bring back your receipt to score (pun!) a free entree (burrito, bowl, salad, or tacos) on your next visit.

If you're wondering why the promotional image says "Score a Free Burrito with the Super Big Internationally Televised Professional Football Bowl Game Party in a Box," it's because they can't call the box "The Super Bowl Party in a Box" without risking trademark infringement. The "Super Bowl" trademark is owned by the NFL and reserved for the game's official sponsors who shell out big bucks to mention it in their promotions.

Regarding Chipotle's buy-at-least-six-burritos-get-one-free offer: it's only good for orders picked up on Sunday, February 3, 2013 (i.e. Super Bowl Sunday); you have to order at least 6 burritos and you have until  February 28, 2013 to come back and get your free entree.

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