Jan 31, 2013

Review: Foster's Freeze - Chili Cheese Dog

The Foster's Freeze Chili Cheese Dog features a Nathan's Famous hot dog inside a bun topped off with chili and cheese.

It cost $2.59.

The chili looked a bit too liquid, but it was thick enough and carried a nice seasoned meaty flavor with just a little bit of spice. It was a pretty solid chili.

I don't think you can ever go wrong with a Nathan's Famous hot dog. They make for some very good eats. If you like hot dogs and you've never tried a Nathan's Famous, you gotta try it.

The cheese was definitely the weak link (okay, it was the bun if you take it literally) of the day. It was just a plain slice of American cheese. While it was thoroughly melted, the flavor just didn't mesh well with the rest of the components. I would have rather saved the 30 cents and gotten a chili dog sans the cheese.

The bun was decent enough but came apart on the backside, threatening to dump my hot dog onto the tray.

Overall, Foster's Freeze makes a very solid Chili Cheese Dog. Just do yourself a favor and skip the cheese (unless you really like the taste of American cheese). I guess I should say they make a very solid Chili Dog...


  1. I shared your exact thought just looking at the picture: "That would look like a handsome chili dog if it weren't for that bland yellow cheese". Does anyone actually like American cheese?

  2. Foster's Freeze does make a solid chili dog, it's probably my favorite thing to get there. I tend to get my chili dogs without cheese, so I guess I lucked out on that part. I had no idea it was a Nathan's Famous hot dog, I don't think they advertise that at my local store


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