Jan 15, 2013

Review: Foster's Freeze - Vanilla Cone

Foster's Freeze is a Californian soft-serve chain that also offers burgers and fries. Their Vanilla Soft Serve Cone features low-fat vanilla soft serve generously pulled onto a plain cake cone.

It was $1.99 for a small cone. It's also available in chocolate, chocolate and vanilla, and chocolate-dipped.

The soft serve here isn't swirled so much as it's layered into a big, fat beehive shape. It felt a bit top heavy.

Foster's soft serve is really good! It's thick and smooth with a French vanilla flavor. There's that rich creamy, slightly-eggy, vanilla flavor. I wondered if this was what frozen custard tastes like, but was informed that frozen custard is even richer.

I'm pretty curious to try frozen custard at this point, but Foster's Freeze makes a very good soft serve cone.


  1. $1.99 is a bit much for soft serve.

  2. The picture doesn't do it justice. The small cone is huge and more than enough for even 2 people to share. The child size cone is closer to what other fast food chains offer.

  3. It's also pretty low in calories for the big size (for a small) - only 214 calories, 3 grams of saturated fat, and 35 carbs.

  4. Here in Fresno, on Tuesdays, you can get a dipped cone (chocolate, vanilla or swirl ice cream) for a buck! And our regular cones are only 1.29 the rest of the time.


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