Jan 22, 2013

News: Domino's Expands $5.99 Pizza Deal

This year, Domino's expands their $5.99 medium, two-topping pizza deal (when you buy two or more) to encompass more items to show that they do more than just pizza.

Under the new deal, you can get any combination of medium, two-topping pizzas, 8-piece orders of chicken, Oven-Baked Sandwiches, Stuffed Cheesy Breads, and Pastas in a Dish for $5.99 each when you purchase at least two.

While the deal certainly increases your options, it doesn't quite increase your savings as buying two or more medium pizzas net you the best discount over the chain's regular prices. Here's a list of the items and their regular prices at my local Domino's store:

- Medium, 2-Topping Pizza - $11.24
- 8-piece order of chicken (boneless or wings) - $6.99
- Oven-Baked Sandwich - $5.99
- Stuffed Cheesy Bread - $5.99
- Pasta in a Dish - $5.99 - $6.99


  1. Yeah, I had a feeling none of these were good deals when I saw the ad. Oh well. Good for Dominoes if they can trick people into thinking they're getting a steal. I would rather have the $5 back deal. I put it towards their $7.99 large, three topping carryout deal and only paid $3.25. That was a good deal.

  2. well it's not a better deal, but it is a deal. the idea is that if I only want one pizza (since I live by myself) , I could 1. buy one pizza for almost the price of two, 2. buy two pizzas, and reheat the second pizza a day or two later or 3. buy one pizza and get some cheesy bread to go with it.

    If option 2 is not appealing, then option 3 is certainly more appealing than option 1

  3. Oh, the two medium pizzas is definitely a good deal. I just meant paying the same price you normally would for the bread or sandwich isn't a deal, and a dollar off the chicken and pasta isn't much of one, either. I would rather just take advantage of the deal on the pizza and reheat the second the next day. I've done it a handful of times. My point was the 5.99 medium, two topping, minimum two, wasn't new. The other additions were new.

  4. The pasta is just awful. I'm not fond of the noodles they use because they never taste done, and this is after trying it from two different Domino's here.


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