Jan 5, 2013

News: Starbucks Unveils $1 Reusable Cup

Starbucks now offers new reusable, recyclable plastic cups for $1 in an effort to reduce their environmental impact on waste from disposable paper cups. The new cups are made to look like Starbucks white paper cups except with small print indicating that they are "Reusable. Recyclable. Re-enjoyable."

Starbucks' 10-cent discount for bringing in your own cup, tumbler, or mug applies to these plastic cups as well. Additionally, they'll rinse your reusable cup with boiling water before filling it with whichever coffee drink you bought.

The cups contain interior markings for Tall to Grande size servings (12 to 16 ounces respectively).

While the price is nice, I know with me, the problem with bringing in reusable containers for coffee, as well as reusable canvas bags for the supermarket, is that I keep forgetting to bring them in... even when they're in my car. Still, the cup basically pays for itself after 10 uses.

(Via Los Angeles Times / Photo via Starbucks)

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