Jan 26, 2013

Around the World: Pizza Hut Singapore - New Fortune Pizza for Chinese New Year

With Chinese New Year just around the corner (February 10), the folks at Pizza Hut in Singapore offer the new Fortune Pizza shaped like an old Chinese coin or "cash", which is to say it's round but with a square hole in the center

If you're wondering why the coins have a square hole, it's because they were used to string the coins together to make larger denominations.

The sauce on the pizza is a golden pumpkin paste with bits of taro to symbolize "gold and a good year ahead." It's topped with pineapples ("for prosperity"), diced barbecue chicken, pok chui (crispy dough) and mushrooms. The crust is sprinkled with cereal flakes for extra crunch and filled with cheese a la Stuffed Crust Pizza.

It's offered in various meal combinations as well as a la carte at $26.00 SG ($21.05 US) for a 9" regular-sized pizza and $33.00 SG ($26.72 US) for a 12" large.

Along with the promotion, Pizza Hut Singapore is offering a chance to win money in the amounts of $888 and $88 (8 is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture) with various specified purchases.

Pizza Hut Singapore also offered a Chinese New Year-themed pizza last year with the Fortune Bags Pizza. Its distinguishing feature for little fortune bags (wontons) that ringed around the inner edge of the pizza's crust:

What else is on the pizza?: "oriental sauce, diced BBQ Chicken, sliced mushroom, pineapple chunks, and chicken floss." If you're wondering what chicken floss is, it's not floss for chickens... It's basically dried, finely-shredded chicken.

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