Jan 25, 2013

Frozen Friday: Burnett - Beef Bourguignon

Burnett's Beef Bourguignon features slow-cooked cuts of beef in a burgundy wine sauce with baby carrots, pearl onions, mushrooms, and pieces of bacon.

A 18-ounce box was on sale at Fresh & Easy for $3.99 (it's normally $5.99).

I don't think I've ever had Beef Bourguignon before. Not that I can remember anyway. This particular version is sous vide cooked. That basically means it was vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag, which is then slow-cooked in a water bath at low heat.

The result is tender, moist meat and vegetables. Not amazingly so, but pretty good out of the microwave. I put it on rice because I was too lazy to cook some noodles or pasta.

Taste wise, it tastes a lot like beef stew, but with a tang from the red wine and less liquid. The pearl onions were particularly nice with a burst of sweet flavor whenever I bit into one. The carrots were soft without being mushy. I didn't notice the bacon at all though and the mushrooms didn't have much flavor.

Still, there's a lot to like here and it was really cheap and easy to make. It's pretty much beef stew, but reasonably good and better than you'd get out of a can. 

Nutritional Info - Burnett Beef Bourguignon
Serving Size - 5 oz (140g)
Calories - 130 (from Fat - 40)
Fat - 4g (Saturated Fat - 1.5g)
Sodium - 470mg
Carbs - 7g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 14g

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