Jan 20, 2013

Around the World: Domino's Pakistan - Quesadilla Pizza

Since Taco Bell offers a Mexican Pizza, it's only fitting that Domino's offers a Quesadilla Pizza, albeit only in Pakistan.

Available since 2011, the Quesadilla Pizza is offered as a crust option and features cheese and your choice of various chicken, beef, or veggie topping combinations sandwiched between two thin crust pizza rounds and served with marinara and sour cream on the side for dipping. And, just to make sure you get enough cheese, it's topped with melted mozzarella cheese as well.

The pizza is offered in two sizes: an 11" medium and a 13" large. Prices are 845 rupees (~$8.65 US) and 945 rupees (~$9.67 US) respectively.

If the pizza sounds a little familiar to you, back in 2007, Domino's offered the similar Crispy Melt Pizza which featured melted provolone and cheddar, pizza sauce, and your choice of toppings between two thin crispy crusts.

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