Jan 20, 2013

News: Kashi - New Garlic Pesto Pita Crisps

Kashi expands their pita crisps line with new Garlic Pesto Pita Crisps. Like everything else with the Kashi name on it, the new crackers features Kashi's signature blend of 7 whole grains (I wonder if a Kashi ice cream would also feature whole grains?).

Pita crisps are basically crunchy, puffy crackers. The Garlic Pesto version showcases a blend of basil with a hint of garlic. For nutritional benefits, there's 10 grams of whole grains and 5 grams of fiber per serving.

Kashi's Garlic Pesto Pita Crisp are available now in a 7.9-ounce box for a suggested retail price of $3.19. They join Original 7 Grain Sea Salt and Zesty Salsa in the pita crisp line up.

Nutritional Info - Kashi Garlic Pesto Pita Crisps
Serving Size - 11 (31g)
Calories - 120 (from Fat - 25)
Fat - 3g (Saturated Fat - 0g)
Sodium - 180mg
Carbs - 23g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 3g

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