Dec 10, 2013

News: 7-Eleven Offers New $1 Spicy Chicken Biscuit

7-Eleven adds a new $1 Spicy Chicken Biscuit this winter since, apparently, people like spicy foods when it's cold out.

The $1 Spicy Chicken Biscuit feature a breaded chicken patty with "spicy spices" in a warm biscuit.

7-Eleven is also offering new Mini Hash Brown Bites and new Mozzarella Sticks at participating stores. The Mini Hash Browns are sold at 5 for $1 and the Mozzarella Sticks at 4 for $1.49.

There's also a sale on 1/4 lb. Big Bite hot dogs at 2 for $3 and Large Pizzas for $5.55 each.

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