Dec 24, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's UK - 2013 Festive Menu

Over in the UK, a full-on holiday menu (not just dessert) is a regular thing for McDonald's. They call it the Festive Menu and it usually features a couple of sandwiches, a side, and a few desserts.

This year, they brought back something called Festive Pie, which is a turnover-style deep-fried pie filled with mince meat and custard. Here's what else you'll find on the Festive Menu for 2013:

Festive Deluxe - a beef patty, bacon, cheddar cheese (pasteurized process), Batavia lettuce, red onion, honey BBQ glaze and a smoky peppered mayo, on square, cheese-topped bun.

Chicken Celebration - a crispy chicken breast fillet with Emmental cheese (also pasteurized process), red onion, Batavia lettuce, 'smooth festive relish,' and 'cool mayo,' on a rectangular, sesame bun (are they meant to resemble presents?).

Cheese Melt Dippers - breaded and deep-fried cheese balls featuring a blend of melted processed and Camembert cheese, served with a "festive" tomato dip.

Matchmakers Cool Mint McFlurry - vanilla soft serve blended with Mint Matchmakers pieces and chocolate sauce.

You can check out what was offered in previous years here.