Dec 10, 2013

Around the World: Burger King Celebrates with Christmas Menus Across Europe

While it's not a thing here in the US, Burger King is celebrating Christmas this year with special holiday menus in a few countries across Europe including the UK, Spain, and Italy.

In Spain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, and  Italy, Burger King is celebrating with the Cheesemas menu, centered around, you guessed it, cheese.

Standard on the menu this year is a new Belgian waffle, with soft serve plus chocolate or caramel syrup, and Emmental (Swiss) Cheese Bites, but the sandwiches/burgers vary depending on the country.

In Spain and Italy, Cheesemas is fairly tame with the standard bacon, extra American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and tomatoes with chicken or a beef patty. Because it's a Christmas-themed menu, they've taken to calling the beef version, "Santa," and the chicken version, "Claus."

In Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Hungary, it's the same nomenclature, except in reverse. In these countries, the chicken sandwich is "Santa" and the beef is "Claus" (except in Hungary, where only the burger version is offered and named "The Santa Claus"). Also, the sandwiches themselves are completely different:

The Santa chicken sandwich features a breaded chicken breast, steakhouse sauce, Edam and Maasdam cheese slices (ironically, the Netherlands is not offering the Cheesemas menu), tomatoes, fried onions. lettuce, and mayo on a sesame bun.

The Claus burger features the same ingredients, but with a beef patty rather than chicken, on a cornmeal-dusted bun, and minus the tomatoes.

Over in the UK, Cheesemas is replaced with Winter Whopperland, but you can still get the Belgian waffles and Emmental Cheese Bites. The menu also adds Criss Cut Fries.
The Winter Whopperland menu features two Whoppers and a Tendercrisp chicken sandwich:

The Winter Whopper is a standard Whopper with the addition of criss cut fries and curry sauce.

The Smokey Mountain Whopper also includes criss cut fries but also bacon and barbecue sauce.

Finally, the Tendercrisp Magic comes with a Tendercrisp chicken filet, lettuce, mayo, cheese, bacon, and caramelized onions.

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