Dec 23, 2013

Local Review: Grill 'Em All - Molly Hatchet Burger

Grill 'Em All's Molly Hatchet Burger is only available on Mondays ("Molly Hatchet Mondays") and features a half-pound, medium-rare burger with seared fennel sausage gravy, maple syrup, and bacon. Like a lot of their burgers, it carries a heavy metal reference.

I paid $9 for one.

The maple syrup is actually fairly light and was applied inside the burger as well as in a thin glaze on the top bun (which makes your fingers a little sticky). It gave just enough sweetness to let me know its there without making me wonder whether I was eating an entree or a dessert.

The bacon was just a little crispy but thick and packed with smoky flavor.

The gravy was mostly creamy and rich with just occasional herby whispers of fennel. It was fairly thick with a wet mashed potatoes-like consistency.

The burger was coarsely ground, pink, and dripping with juice (and butter) which the soft, airy bun managed to sop up quite nicely. My only nitpick was the absence of char on this visit.

Overall, Grill 'Em All's Molly Hatchet Burger really works for me. It's not too busy so I got a taste for each individual component, which fit quite well together. It's rich and savory with just a touch of sweet to keep it interesting.

Grill 'Em All
19 East Main Street
Alhambra, CA
(626) 284-2874