Dec 28, 2013

Around the World: Where can you get Chili from McDonald's?

While a bowl/cup full of chili has long been the domain of Wendy's, it's not something you'd find at McDonald's or most fast food chains for that matter... except in Austria where, earlier this year, McDonald's began offering Chili Con Carne.

Similar in appearance to Wendy's chili, McDonald's chili is made with Austrian beef, red beans, tomatoes, onions, corn and spices. The dish marks the first of its kind for the chain worldwide.

Interesting, the preparation for the chili in restaurants is described as using sous-vide, which is basically cooking food in vacuumed sealed bags at low temperature water for long amounts of time, and is more likely found in fine-dining establishments rather than a fast food restaurant.

The chili is served with a roll and has been available since mid-October.