Dec 13, 2013

Frozen Friday - Totino's - Meatball Marinara Rolls

Totino's Meatball Marinara Rolls feature their signature pizza rolls but with a filling of meatballs and marinara sauce.

A 19.8-ounce bag was $2.99 on sale.

According to the bag, these are one of Totino's Pizzeria flavors (the other two are Cheesy Garlic and Chicken Parmesan).

Beyond the different filling, the wrapper on these are the same as you find on any Totino's rolls; they're a little chewy and developed just the slightest bit of a flaky crust.

The meatball and marinara felt like a muted version of Totino's pizza rolls. The meatballs had a nice flavor and the sauce had a tomato tanginess that didn't feel as strong nor sweet as their pizza sauce. There's some mozzarella cheese thrown in as well.

Overall, Totino's Meatball Marinara Rolls are pretty plain and simple. They're nice enough but I would rather just get Totino's pizza rolls.

Nutritional Info - Totino's Meatball Marinara Rolls
Serving Size - 6 rolls (85g)
Calories - 200 (from Fat - 70)
Fat - 8g (Saturated Fat - 2g)
Sodium - 350mg
Carbs - 27g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 7g

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