Dec 2, 2013

News: Domino's - Half-Price Pizza This Week

Domino's is running a weeklong promotion they're calling Global Domino's Week (as in the promotion is valid in 42 of the countries that have Domino's locations including the US) and offering a 50% discount on the regular menu price of any pizza ordered online this week.

The promotion runs through this Sunday, December 8 and is only good on online orders. You can access the promotion on via the Domino's online ordering webpage or by entering the code "50OFF"

If you don't live in the US, you can check if your country is participating in the promotion via its respective Domino's Facebook page.

For reference, a quick look at my local Domino's menu gives the following regular menu prices on some commonly ordered pizzas (price may vary depending on where you live):

- $18 for a large Feast or American Legends pizza ($9 with discount)

- $8.99 for an Artisan pizza ($4.49 with discount)

- $12.24 for a 2-topping, medium Handmade Pan Pizza ($6.12 with discount)

- $11.24 for a 2-topping, medium hand-tossed pizza ($5.62 with discount)

'Half-Off Pizza' promotion have been pretty popular at Domino's of late; this marks the third time this year they've run something similar.

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