Dec 21, 2013

Around the World: Wendy's Japan Serves Up Snow Crab Burger

Wendy's Japan is offering the "Wendy's Snowcrab Special' as a new, limited-time winter addition to their "Japan Premium" line of high-end burgers.

The burger's main feature is layers of snow crab in a bisque sauce made with a broth from crab and shrimp shells. Along for the ride are a spring mix, beef patty, cheese sauce, and a bun.

This isn't the chain's first foray into paring beef with seafood; last year saw them serving up burger topped with lobster and caviar. Previous ingredients featured in the Japan Premium line have also included foie gras and truffles. At this point, the only thing they haven't thrown in are gold flakes and a bottle of Dom Perignon.

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