Dec 29, 2013

Around the World: KFC Australia Offers Aussie and English Chicken Sandwiches

In honor of the Ashes cricket series currently underway between Australia and England, KFC Australia, an official sponsor of Australian Cricket, offers up two themed chicken sandwiches; one for each country.

The Aussie Burger features an Original Recipe chicken breast, a slice of beet, crispy onion, cheese, and lettuce with tangy BBQ sauce on a sesame seed bun.

The English Burger comes with a crispy chicken breast fillet, coleslaw, cheese, and English mustard.

Apparently beets, crispy onions, and BBQ sauce are representative of Australia, while for England, it's coleslaw and English mustard.

The sandwiches go for $6.45 AUS (~$5.72 US) each. A plain Original Recipe Fillet Burger (i.e the standard lettuce and mayo) is $5.45 AUS.

Interesting, since Australia's team colors are green and yellow while England's are red and white, the KFC Australia website is currently sporting a green and yellow color scheme rather than their typical red and white.