Dec 16, 2013

News: Chick-fil-A Opens Hawaiian Restaurant

Chick-fil-A opened a Hawaiian-themed restaurant last week in La Fayetteville, Georgia.

Going by the name "Truett's Luau," (named after the chain's founder Truett S. Cathy), it joins a number of Chick-fil-A concept restaurants including a diner concept (Truett's Grill), a full-service restaurant concept (Dwarf House), and a pizza concept (Truett's Pizza Cafe).

Beyond some regular Chick-fil-A mainstays, like the Original Chicken Sandwich, here's a sample of what you'll find on the menu:

Maui Shrimp - "Roasted shrimp glazed with seasoned soy sauce and toasted coconut. Served with Truett's Luau Jasmine rice, fresh stir fry vegetables and a savory peanut sauce."

Pineapple Macadamia Nut Shakes and Frosted Pineapple Shakes

Mahi Mahi -  "Dusted with Luau seasoning and grilled, served over a sauté of baby bok choy, red and green onions, edamame and udon noodles. Finished with toasted sesame oil and a sweet chili sauce."

Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes

Crispy calamari tossed in a sweet chili glaze with candied ginger

Other menu items include Teriyaki Chicken Nuggets, Luau Fish Sandwich, and Luau Burger.

Photos by Truett's Luau.

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