Dec 31, 2013

News: Whataburger - Monterey Melt Returns Permanently

The Monterey Melt is back at Whataburger and this time around it comes in as a permanent menu addition.

It features two beef  patties, American and Monterey Jack Cheese slices, grilled peppers and onions, plus jalapeno ranch sauce.

The burger was first introduced earlier this year and was popular enough to warrant a return as an permanent "All-Time Favorite."

For those with a smaller appetite (and tolerance for salt... a whopping 4050 mg's worth), there's also a smaller, junior version.

Nutritional Info - Whataburger Monterey Melt (407g)
Calories - 1130 (from Fat - 660)
Fat - 74g (Saturated Fat - 27g)
Sodium - 4050mg
Carbs - 58g (Sugar - 7g)
Protein - 55g

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