Dec 8, 2013

Around the World: Lotteria - Cheeseburger with Large Cubes of Bacon

Japanese burger chain Lotteria takes an excellent approach to the traditional bacon cheeseburger by adding large cubes of bacon rather than strips. The rest is kept simple, but decidedly highbrow, with a black truffle cream sauce to accompany the otherwise standard cheeseburger.

They're calling it the "Cubed Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe."

Given the size of the cubes, which are thicker than the burger patty, bacon lovers have to wonder, "why even bother with the beef?" Or, "why not make the patty out of bacon?"

The burger is offered through the end of December for 490 yen (~$4.76 US) a piece.

Having tried Lotteria in Japan, I must mention that their burgers are a bit higher quality than McDonald's Japan but I remember it being smaller width-wise than a McDonald's Hamburger and not much taller.

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  1. These are amazing...probably the best M&M "special" edition I've ever had.

    And yes, they are exclusive to Target.


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