Dec 5, 2013

News: Starbucks Offers Metal Gift Card for the Starbucks Fan That Has Everything

Starbucks is once again offering an exclusive, limited-edition, rose gold-hued metal gift card for the Starbucks fan who already has it all. There are only 1000 of these and they're being sold tomorrow, Friday, December 6, exclusively on starting at noon EST.

Each card is hand-assembled and made of an artisan rose base metal with rose color coating. The traditional Starbucks lettering is laser-etched onto the card.

The cards will be sold for $450 and comes preloaded with $400 and automatic My Starbucks Reward Gold-level status, which basically means the metal gift card (sans the $400 preload) and Gold-level status carry a value of $50. 

Considering that Gold-level status normally takes 30 Starbucks purchases within a year to achieve, it may or may not be worth it depending on who you ask. Gold-level status allows you to get a free food or drink reward (your choice) with every 12 purchases (denoted by "stars") earned. Gold level members also get special offers and coupons and all the benefits of the lower levels such as free brewed coffee and tea refills and a free drink or food reward for your birthday.

When Starbucks and first offered a limited-edition, metal (in stainless steel) card last year, it sold out within minutes, so good luck if you're looking to get one. You'll be competing against Starbucks super-fans (or those looking to get the perfect gift for the Starbucks super-fan in their lives) as well as eBay sellers looking to make a quick buck to get your order through.

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