Dec 14, 2013

News: Sour Patch Kids Branch Off into Gum

Stride Sour Patch Kids packaging.
Rejoice Sour Patch Kids fans, now your (possibly) favorite sour candy is a new Stride gum line coming in January.

New Stride Sour Patch Kids sugarfree-gum will come in Redberry and Lime flavors. I'm not exactly sure what a Redberry is but I'd hazard a guess it's a generic berry flavor colored red or maybe a combination of all berries that are naturally red (i.e. raspberries and strawberries).

The suggested retail price is $1.29 for a single pack and $2.89 for a multi-pack.

Photo vis Stride.


  1. O.o I wonder how good it is. I love Sour Patch Kids!

  2. I was excited until you mentioned sugar free -.- Sugar substitutes freak me out, way too much controversy. No thanks :c </3

  3. Easily the best pre-prepared potato latkes we have ver had!


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