Dec 12, 2013

News: Starbucks Offers Brewed Coffee Refill Tumbler This Week

In case you're a brewed coffee drinker, Starbucks is offering the Coffee Refill Tumbler for $30 this week through Sunday, December 15. The tumbler is good for a free Grande (16-ounce) brewed coffee every day in January (a total of 31 days if you're willing to stop by every day).

Given that similar tumblers cost about $12, that comes out to $18 for potentially 31 days worth of brewed coffee (or about 58 cents per coffee). I'm not sure if it can be used in conjunction with the Coffee Refill Tumbler, but one of the benefits of Starbucks Rewards membership is free refills on brewed coffee, so you might be able to milk the tumbler a fair bit if you have a mind to.

You can find the Coffee Refill Tumber in stores or online at the Starbucks Store while supplies last.

Starbucks offered a similar tumbler but for espresso-based drinks earlier on Black Friday.


  1. McDoubles in general are awesome. McDonald's menu offerings overall are getting pretty darn good.

  2. I like to order a McDouble, plain with cheese, shredded lettuce and Big Mac sauce...its like a Big Mac, minus middle bun and is cheaper

  3. Technically I'd call that 1.5 strips of bacon, but that's still not bad for the up charge.


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