Dec 24, 2013

Review: Holiday Mint M&M's Candies

Holiday Mint M&M's are basically a milk chocolate version of Dark Chocolate Mint M&M's. Being the holidays, they come in red, green, and white rather than many shades of green.

I picked up a 9.90-ounce bag for $1.98 on sale.

If you've tried the Dark Chocolate Mint M&M's and prefer something a little creamier, these are probably what you've been looking for.

Like most other flavored M&M's, they look like an over-plumped version of Plain M&M's. They still have the same thin, candy shell that does actually melt in your hand a little and the same familiar milk chocolate inside. There's more chocolate though (since they're much thicker than the plain version).

Like the White Chocolate Peppermint ones, these's have a nice, cool mint flavor that leaves a lingering freshness in your mouth. There's a nice balance between the chocolate and mint flavors.

Overall, I enjoyed Holiday Mint M&M's a fair bit because you can't really go wrong with chocolate and mint in my book. I still like the White Chocolate version better though for that extra hit of almost buttery creaminess.

Nutritional Info - Holiday Mint M&M's Milk Chocolate candies
Serving Size - 1.5 oz (42g / about 1/4 cup)
Calories - 210 (from Fat - 90)
Fat - 10g (Saturated Fat - 6g)
Sodium - 30mg
Carbs - 29g (Sugar - 26g)
Protein - 2g