Dec 7, 2013

Around the World: Pizza Hut Puerto Rico Makes Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza Better with Bacon

Because bacon makes everything better, Pizza Hut Puerto Rico steps it up by adding bacon to the Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza to make it the new Crazy Cheesy Bacon Crust Pizza.

The Crazy Cheesy Crust was introduced earlier this year in the US as a limited-time only menu item. The Puerto Rican version features the same cheese "pockets" lining the crust but adds a small mound of diced bacon strips to each pocket.

With Puerto Rico being so close (and a US territory), does that mean we'll be seeing the Crazy Cheesy Bacon Crust Pizza here soon? Maybe... bacon was one of the ingredients that Pizza Hut played around with while coming up with the pizza...


  1. I agree that DiGiorno has really gone down hill. They used to be the Go To option for at home pizza making. For some reason over the past year to year and half, their quality control has been terrible.

    I bought one pizza in which the "toppings machine" completely missed the crust by about 4 inches. So basically half the pizza had sauce and toppings and the rest was bread.

    I bought one recently in which the sausage literally tasted rotten. I can't describe it any other way- it was just bad sausage.

    I made the mistake the other day of trying out some of their "cheesy bread sticks". I figured they'd be pretty hard to screw up since they are just bread and cheese- WRONG! They were disgusting.

    Tell DiGiorno to go to hell-o.

  2. That's crazy, I haven't had that experience but I usually stick with the regular pepperoni or their stuffed crust.. it's not great but it works. I'd suggest trying Freschetta when it's on sale, it tastes about the same and maybe you'll have better luck with the quality control.

  3. Yeah, I tried those breadsticks once and that was definately enough. I couldn't believe they were so bad. I did think the 'Pizzeria!' line was decent when I tried them.

  4. Pizzeria! is the only DiGiorno frozen pizza I like. The crust actually tastes good! I grab one when it's on sale for $5, it's worth that much.


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