Dec 1, 2013

Review: Gingerbread Twix

Gingerbread Twix are a holiday flavor for the well-known cookie bars and feature a gingerbread-flavored caramel rather than actual gingerbread cookies.

A 10-ounce bag was $3.00 on sale.

For the most part, these were the same Twix most of us know (and some of us love). There's the milk chocolate coating, the crunchy cookie, and the chewy caramel. The caramel is the difference here; it has a slight gingerbread twist to it.

Immediately upon biting into the caramel, there's a decent gingerbread taste and it's pretty good. But then it turns slightly tangy and there's a bit of a weird aftertaste. It's not awful, but it might be explained by the "artificially flavors" line.

Overall, Gingerbread Twix might be for you if you're wondering if gingerbread flavor and Twix go together (they do). You might be put off by the slight tanginess and lingering aftertaste, but the initial flavor is pretty nice and fits the season.

It probably would have been better had they actually made a Twix gingerbread cookie inside a regular Twix bar but, logistically speaking, it's much easier to add flavor to the caramel than to bake gingerbread cookies to fit a Twix bar.

Nutritional Info - Gingerbread Twix cookie bars
Serving Size - 1 cookie
Calories - 80 (from Fat - 35)
Fat - 4g (Saturated Fat - 2g)
Sodium - 30mg
Carbs - 11g (Sugar - 8g)
Protein - 1g


  1. Have you reviewed Milky Way's caramel apple flavor? I bought some accidentally in a post Halloween frenzy lol, not sure if they are still available, but I highly recommend them!

  2. I haven't yet, no. Maybe I'll be able to pick up a bag next year.

  3. I love gingerbread so when I saw these, I was pretty excited. Maybe I was a little too excited since I didn't realize they didn't actually have a gingerbread cookie inside until I got them home. Though I would have preferred that inclusion over the shortbread, these are still quite tasty. The flavor is strong enough that you get the gingerbread flavor, but not so strong that you lose the essence of the Twix. It's a good balance that's worth giving a try if you're a gingerbread lover like me.

  4. I also thought it was gonna be a gingerbread cookie. I love Twix and I like gingerbread but together, ehhhh, not so much.


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