Jun 27, 2014

Around the World: Pizza Hut Korea's Taco Pizza Looks Pretty Good!

Pizza Hut Korea's latest is the new Pork Taco Pizza, which looks and sounds pretty good!

It's a standard hand-tossed pizza topped with shredded pork, grated cheddar cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, and tacos--basically everything you'd expect to find in a crunchy taco.

But that's not all, salsa and shredded lettuce are also provided and the idea is that you put them both on a slice and folded it into a pizza taco!

The price on the new Pork Taco Pizza comes out to 21900 won (~$21.59 US) for a 10" medium and 27900 won (~$27.51 US) for a 13" large. Pizza is not cheap in Korea!

The idea isn't actually new to Pizza Hut here in the US. Back in the 1970s, they offered a Taco Pizza topped with cheese, refried beans, beef, lettuce, and tomato, with salsa on the side. Who knows? Maybe we'll see it again someday.