Jun 2, 2014

Around the World: McDonald's Piles Thin, Square Beef Patties in New Burger... in Hong Kong

Continuing from last month's German Chicken Sausage Burger, McDonald's Hong Kong continues the World Cup theme with the limited-time Spicy Beef Burger as their nod to Spain.

Rather than the more standard-sized beef patties, the Spicy Beef Burger features four thin, square ground beef patties that seem to be shaped to mimic beef slices. Along for the ride are grilled onions, lettuce, a slice of cheese, and Malagueta chili sauce. Malagueta peppers tend to be used in Brazilian rather than Spanish cuisine though.

Along with the burger, there are a couple of limited-time menu items as well. They are:

- McWings Platter - A variety platter with three different variety of McWings: Original, Pickled Chili, and Crispy Garlic.

- Potato Wedges - seasoned, breaded potato wedges.

- Orange Punch with what looks like a fruit cocktail thrown in for good measure.