Jun 22, 2014

News: New Dannon Creamery Dairy Desserts

Dannon looks to carve out a new niche out of the dairy section with new Dannon Creamery Dairy Desserts featuring five cheesecake-inspired Greek yogurts and three puddings.

While Greek yogurt has gained significant popularity as a snack and breakfast option, it hasn't made significant inroads into desserts or nighttime eating. Dannon looks to change that with the new offerings (which pretty much means going head-to-head with ice cream by using a 'healthier indulgence' angle).

The cheesecake flavors feature traditional Greek yogurt topped with various fruit sauces. The available flavors are strawberry, blueberry, cherry, lemon, and caramel.

The three pudding flavors are milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and vanilla.

Dannon Creamery Dairy Dessert will be available starting this July and come in 5.3-oz cups meant to resemble a "dessert bowl." The suggested retail price per cup is $1.69, which is comparable to a similarly-sized cup of Greek yogurt.