Jun 28, 2014

News: New Wonka Randoms Gummy Candy

Adding some variety in shapes, colors, and more importantly, flavors to the candy aisle, Wonka offers up new Randoms gummy candies.

The new candies come in three textures, seven fruit flavors, and roughly 70 different shapes.

The three texture types are traditional gummies, jam-filled, and dual-layered with a whipped marshmallow back.

The flavors come from fruit juice with no artificial flavors. They are grape, orange, strawberry, lemon, cherry, citrus, and raspberry.

Some of the available shapes include sunglasses, monkey, roller skates, lighthouse, and unicorn. The plan is to add new shapes on a continuous basis.

Wonka's Random gummy candies are available in a 10-oz bag for $3.49 (may vary), a 5.25-oz bag for $1.89, and a 4-ounce bag for $1.69.