Jun 3, 2014

Around the World: Starbucks Serves Up Frozen Dessert Dumplings this Summer... in China

Starbucks is offering a pretty interesting dessert for the summer over in China. They call them "Dragon Dumplings" and they are basically frozen dessert dumplings.

Specifically, they feature a filling of shaved ice mixed with coffee, tea, and fruit flavors wrapped in a translucent shell.

Starbucks has been offering them each summer since 2009 and this year's flavors are Strawberry & Cream, Earl Grey Jelly, Mango, Green Tea & Red Bean, and Coffee Almond. If the flavors sound somewhat familiar, Starbucks basically took their Frappuccinos and stuffed them inside clear dumplings.

The dessert are so named because they're a riff on the traditional zongzi that are popular during China's annual Dragon Boat Festival.

Frankly, I'm surprised no one has tried importing a similar concept here in the States like they've done with bubble tea and shaved milk ice (*hint hint wink wink*).

Photo: Starbucks