Jun 9, 2014

Around the World: Wendy's New Zealand Offers Team Baconator

While we have the Baconator and Son of Baconator here in the States, over in New Zealand, Wendy's offers two other versions of the Baconator to make up the new, limited-time Team Baconator line up.

In addition to the Baconator, there's the Spiceanator and the BBQnator. While the names kinda make me laugh, the burgers sound pretty good:

The Spicenator throws in chipotle & habanero sauce and jalapenos to the base of two quarter pound beef patties, cheese, and bacon.

The BBQnator is a Western Cheeseburger-type deal that adds BBQ sauce and onion rings to the mix.

The promotion plays on Wendy's role as the official restaurant sponsor of New Zealand's professional rugby league football team, the Warriors.

The price tag on the new burgers is $10.40 NZ (~$8.88 US).