Jun 6, 2014

News: Cold Stone Creamery - Three New Flavors for Summer 2014

Cold Stone Creamery launches Summertime Creation Sensations line for a limited time.

The line up features three new ice cream Creations as well as spotlighting two existing regular menu creations.

The new menu items are Surrendering to Strawberry, Butterfinger Caramel Crunch, and Oreo Double Chocolate. The regular items being showcased are Cake Batter Batter Batter and Banana Caramel Crunch.

Surrender to Strawberry features strawberry ice cream with strawberries, yellow cake, and whipped topping.

Butterfinger Caramel Crunch mixes up sweet cream ice cream, Butterfinger pieces, caramel, and whipped topping.

Oreo Double Chocolate consists of chocolate ice cream with Oreo cookies, fudge, and whipped topping.

Banana Caramel Crunch is French vanilla ice cream with banana, roasted almonds, and caramel

Cake Batter Batter Batter comes with cake batter ice cream, brownie, and cookie dough.

The three new, limited-time Summertime Creation Sensations flavors are available through August 5, 2014.