Jun 10, 2014

Around the World: Mos Burger Japan's Latest is a French Cruller Burger with Chorizo

Japanese burger chain Mos Burger is offering a new, limited-time French Cruller Burger with a spiraled chorizo sausage instead of a beef patty. The donut burger is part of a collaboration with Mister Donut (they call it "MOSDO!") and also includes a few other cross-over menu items like a dessert version of Mos Burgers' signature Rice Burgers exclusively available at Mister Donut locations in Japan.

In addition to the French Cruller donut "bun" and the sausage, the French Cruller Burger comes with spicy chili, tomato, onions, and lettuce. While glazed donut buns aren't new to us in the US, they're not common and are typically relegated to specific locations and county fairs. The use of the French Cruller adds a neat twist with its airy, choux pastry texture.

For those who are looking for something less off the beaten path, Mos Burger is also offering the Chocolate Berry French Cruller, a dessert burger consisting of a sliced apart French Cruller donut filled with mango sauce, berry sauce (with whole berries), a plate- or giant coin-shaped piece of chocolate, and strawberry whipped cream.

The cross-over campaign continues at Mister Donut, where they're offering a fairly traditional Grilled Beef Rice Burger and a more interesting Red Bean & Custard Rice Burger.

The Grilled Beef Rice Burger features two grilled rice patties sandwiching miso, onions, grilled beef, and cheese.

The Red Bean & Custard Rice Burger comes with the same rice patties but dusted with kinako (roasted soy flour) and filled with a sweet potato sauce with chestnuts, sweet red beans, and custard.