Jun 18, 2014

News: Jack in the Box Testing Cronuts

Jack in the Box is testing Croissant Donuts (AKA 'Cronuts') as a potential future dessert. The test item was spotted by Reddit user WoundedFork in Southern California.

If you've never heard of a Cronut, they're basically deep-fried donut-shaped croissants and it's interesting for a fast food chain is trying them considering that it's rare to find a donut on any fast food menu.

They're being tested in San Diego County, a popular test market for Jack in the Box as it's also where their headquarters are located.

The price per Jack in the Box Croissant Donut is 89 cents each or $1.99 for three. They look like they're mini-sized, which makes sense given that Jack in the Box currently offers Mini Cookies (review) and Mini Churros (review).

Photo by WoundedFork