Jun 26, 2014

News: Einstein Bros. / Noah's - New, Improved Bagel Dogs

Summer is prime hot dog-eating time, so it's no surprise that Einstein Bros. and Noah's Bagels choose this season to introduce a new and improved version of their Bagel Dogs.

The upgraded Bagel Dogs feature a Hebrew National 1/4 lb. all-beef hot dog on a fresh-baked-daily Plain or Asiago bagel bun. The new Bagel Dogs are meant to be bigger and better-tasting the the previous version and are served on the bagel bun after it's baked rather than being baked inside of the bun.

Along with the intro/upgrade, Einstein Bros. and Noah's is also offering the All-American Bagel Dog Combo, which includes a Bagel Dog, pickle, potato chips, and medium fountain drink for $5.99.