Jun 23, 2014

News: Carl's Jr. Testing "Bisnuts" in Southern California

Carl's Jr. is testing new "Bisnuts" at select locations here in Southern California. Spotted by a Brand Eater, a Bisnut is a donut made from Carl's Jr.'s "Made from Scratch" biscuit dough.

The biscuit-donut hybrid come topped with either white or chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles. They're about the same size as a Carl's Jr. biscuit.

The price tag comes out to 99 cents for one or two for $1.89. They're only available during breakfast hours.

It looks like Carl's Jr. is looking into what else they can do with their biscuit dough; just recently, they also introduced new Cinnamon Pull-Aparts as a breakfast item chainwide, as well as at sister chain Hardee's. Like Bisnuts, the Pull-Aparts are also made with biscuit dough.

I've verified that they're testing in at least one location in Costa Mesa and another in Huntington Beach, if any of you spot it elsewhere, let me know and I can add it here.

Photos by Junk Food Junkie.