Jun 20, 2014

Around the World: This KFC Fried Chicken is Marinated in Cheese?!

KFC Philippines is currently offering a new variety of fried chicken that's marinated in cheese and breaded with bits cheese-flavored chips. They're calling it "Crispy Cheese Chicken."

The chips in question are Clover Chips, a brand of snack chips popular in the Philippines and made from a blend of corn and tapioca flour. Besides cheese, they also come in Barbecue and Ham and Cheese flavors (maybe they'll use those flavors next!).

KFC's Crispy Cheese Chicken is being offered at 99 pesos ($2.26 US) for a drumstick with flavored rice and mashed potatoes with corn and country gravy.

I imagine if KFC were to offer something similar here in the US, they'd go with Doritos or Cheetos. It's a combination that's been done by some restaurants here and there, but hasn't yet found its way onto a major fast food menu in the US.