Jun 14, 2014

Around the World: Acai Makes a Splash at Burger King Japan

While the superfruit acai hasn't really made a mark in US fast food, it's making a splash in Japan, where Burger King offers the new BK Acai menu with a trio of items featuring the eponymous berry.

Featuring the tagline "Activate Yourself," the items are being marketed as an energizing pick me up for when your feeling lethargic, say, like in the morning.

The three items are the BK Acai Bowl, BK Acai Sparkling, and BK Acai Milk.

The BK Acai Bowl features a serving of soft serve topped with acai mix and a blend of granola and dried fruit. It goes for 340 yen (~$3.34 US).

The BK Acai Sparking consists of acai mix topped with Sprite and a lemon wedge. A cup of it goes for 320 yen (~$3.14 US).

Finally, BK Acai Milk is a blend of acai mix and milk. It is also 320 yen for a cup.

Before you think that it's just BK getting in on the health act, Wendy's is also offering Acai Berry Healthy Juice as well as Passion Fruit Flavored Avocado Healthy Drink in Japan. They're both 380 yen (~$3.72 US) for a cup.