Jun 2, 2014

Request a Review Voting - June 2014

It's a new month and a brand new slate to submit and vote for what item you'd like to see reviewed on Brand Eating with me going out and eating/drinking the top vote-getter(s).

Last month's Request a Review Voting ended with a fast food chocolate milkshake round up winning out so be on the look out for that sometime this month. I also have some Rally's/Checker's reviews coming up ("anything from Rally's" garnered the second most votes).

Here's how it works:

Until the end of the month, you can submit review requests in the comment section below and upvote (or I suppose, downvote; let's try to keep it positive though, okay?) each other's suggestions. You can upvote by clicking on the upward pointing arrow below each comment.

At the end of the month, I will try my best to review at least one of the top three vote-getters (if I haven't already). Why top three? It gives me some leeway in case it is too difficult (i.e. too far) or too expensive to review the top vote-getter.

Thanks for voting/submitting and good luck! Feel free to re-submit suggestions from last month in hopes that they get more support this month.