Jun 16, 2014

Review: Rally's - $2 Shrimp Box

Rally's $2 Shrimp Box features a small box of breaded, deep-fried shrimp and seasoned, battered fries.

The shrimp were small but flavorful and you get about a handful. It's not a lot but, hey, it cost two bucks.

The breading was crispy but a bit thick and slightly undercooked inside as a result. It's very lightly seasoned.

Rally's fries are pretty good. I'd only seen them in pictures previously and thought they looked like they were thick-cut. But they're about the same size as McDonald's fries except with that extra crispy layer of tasty seasoned batter. It's a nice one-two punch of moist potato and thin, spiced crunch.

Overall, Rally's $2 Shrimp Box makes for a nice snack, or light meal, of delicious and crispy fried stuff. Plus, it's really the cheapest your ever going to find shrimp on a fast food menu.

Nutritional info not available.