Dec 2, 2014

Panera Bread's 2014 Holiday Menu

Panera Bread has a number of new and returning items for their seasonal 2014 Holiday Menu.

From the return of the Steak & White Cheddar Panini to the new Mitten Cookie, here's what's being featured at Panera Bread for the holidays:

- Holiday Bread - A seasonal bread made with sweet egg dough mixed with honey, golden raisins, sweetened dried cranberries, and semi-sweet chocolate chips, filled with chunky apple filling and cinnamon sugar, then finished with crumb topping and drizzled with icing.

- New Shrimp Caesar Salad - Available in whole and half servings, it features Shrimp, romaine lettuce, Asiago-parmesan cheese, and homemade Asiago croutons tossed in Caesar dressing.

- Steak & White Cheddar Panini - Strips of seared steak with caramelized onions and Vermont white cheddar on a fresh-baked French baguette (I reviewed this a while back).

- Pumpkin Pie Bagel - A fresh-baked bagel made with pumpkin flakes and pumpkin pie spice with a crumb topping and cinnamon crunch sugar mixture, sprinkled with powdered sugar. They also have New York Style Cheesecake Cream Cheese Spread available to go with.

- Signature Hot Chocolate - Made with bittersweet chocolate-flavored syrup and steamed milk topped with whipped cream, salted caramel sauce, and chocolate chip marshmallows.

- All-Natural Turkey Chili - Featuring a blend of ground and pulled, dark roasted turkey raised without antibiotics, garbanzo and kidney beans slow cooked with tomatillos, corn, pasilla negro and ancho chili powders, cumin, edamame, diced onions, carrots, garlic and green chilies.

Ham & Swiss Baked Egg Soufflé - Made with a savory egg mixture, ham and Swiss cheese on croissant dough.

New Mitten Cookie - A mitten-shaped shortbread cookie decorated with icing.

- Peanut Butter Dream Cookie - A freshly-baked cookie made with peanut butter, toffee with almonds, and peanut-flavored chips (I reviewed this one last year).

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